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With this guide, we will take you through the following booking options:

  • Mileage rates
  • How to select any valid vouchers/coupons 
  • How to select the reduce vehicle excess option.

Bookings Options

After you have selected your preferred car, booking length and subscription, below is how your available booking options will appear.

Via the website:

Via the Ubeeqo App:

In the app the cost of the booking will always be displayed in the bar across the bottom. 

Selecting a Mileage Package

Step 1: Click underneath the menu "Mileage Rates" to open up all of the mileage packages.

Via the web:

From the app:

Step 2: From here you can select the mileage that best suits your needs. 

The first 50 miles of your trip are free. 

For all additional mileage packages, the price of the package is in brackets next to the package name, for example, the 400-mile package costs £55.

Here's how it will appear in the app:

A reminder that Fuel, Congestion Charge and Insurance are included in all bookings, free of charge.

If a package is selected, your total booking price (bottom right) will increase accordingly, otherwise, this will always display the total amount of the booking (including duration and additional booking options)

For the purpose of this guide, we will select the 50 miles default option.

Coupon Codes

Underneath the "Mileage rates" section you will see the "Coupon Codes" menu. This drop down is where you can select any active coupon codes.

From the web:

Once one or more Coupon Codes are unlocked for you, the field is Coupon Codes will become visible. 

Click on the field (similarly to how you selected the mileage rate) and click on a code to activate it. If the code is activated, it is displayed in the Coupon Code field. When a code has been successfully selected you will then see the reduced amount with the original amount crossed out.


From the app:

You will see the new price in the red/orange bar along the bottom of the screen.

If the final amount of your booking is less than your coupon, you will automatically have the remaining amount carried over to use on any following booking (providing the code does not expire).

Excess Reduction & Adjustable Mileage

In the result of theft or damage to a car during your booking, you may be charged the vehicle excess amount. Vehicle excess is charged at £750. For every booking you place, you have the option to reduce vehicle excess by 50%. Every time you select this option, it costs £5.

From the app:

Again, once you select/deselect/tick the option you will see the amount in the red bar increase/decrease accordingly.

Adjustable Mileage Option explained

Example: If you have a 50 miles package booked and you drive 70 miles. The amount will break down as follows:

50 miles are included in your booking free of charge = £0

20 additional miles will be charged at 24p per mile = 20 x £0.24 (24 pence per mile) = £4.80.

As £4.80 is cheaper than the next larger mileage package (100 miles for £10), you will automatically stay with your package at no extra cost, if the Automatic mileage calculation is selected.

If you pay upfront for your mileage, and you travel distance that falls between two mileage options, the Automatic Mileage Adjuster (just like it says on the tin) will automatically adjust your mileage, to the cheapest option for you.

From the app:

Again as the option has been selected, the booking amount across the red bar will also change.

And there you have it! 

If you have any further queries, feel free to call our Customer Services team who are available 7 days a week.

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