2 years ago

Tutorial: How to use our Fuel Cards

Our Car Club vehicles have always come with a fuel card and now in the name of progression, we’ve updated them and below you’ll find every new detail you need to know.

What’s New?

Provider & Network

Our new fuel cards are provided by AllStar, the largest network in the UK by miles. This partnership allows us access to over 90% of fuel sites across the UK, including motorway locations and lower cost supermarkets.

Payment Location & Authorisation

The cards can only be used for payment at the cashier and the option to use them at the pump is unfortunately not available. You will also have to sign the receipt at the cashier and the car's registration number will be checked before the payment is authorised.

Type Of Card

The new fuel cards will be chip and signature cards. This means that we do not use a PIN anymore, and no voice message regarding a PIN will be used.

We hope you've now got a better understanding as to how the new fuel cards will work and we’re confident that these changes will help improve our service, along with creating a better user experience for the community.  

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