2 years ago


Our aim is to keep our cars in tip-top shape every minute that they are on the roads. These are cars that are used quite often, so of course, wear and tear is inevitable, but with your help, we can keep our cars in pristine condition for longer.

It is important that when you arrive at your car, you take a little 30 seconds or so to examine the car for any knocks, scrapes or damage. If you do notice anything that raises any suspicion, large or small, take a picture and contact us (e: [email protected] / t: 0203 807 0795)

The best thing to do is to report any damage as soon as you discover it, whether at the start, during or the end of your booking.

If you have any concerns about the safety of a vehicle at any time, contact customer services immediately.


If a light comes on the dashboard that you’re not sure about, contact customer services straight away. Although it is likely to be something small, if you have any concerns, give us a quick call and we'll be happy to help.

Flat tyres

If you discover a flat tyre/puncture or any tyre damage contact customer services.

The customer services team are here to support you and any needs you may have, so if you have any questions or curiosities tiny or huge, throw it our way and we'll be happy to assist.