2 years ago

Extending your booking

There may be times where plans change and you may need a car for a little bit longer than you booked it for. We appreciate this, therefore we have 3 ways to extend your booking with Ubeeqo.  :)

VIA the website (

If you are near a computer/tablet, have access to the web and want to throw a couple more hours onto your booking or perhaps extend your booking for another day. Once you’re logged into the Ubeeqo website simply click “my reservations” and select your current booking and the changes you wish to make. If the car is available, you will receive confirmation of the changes on the page and also receive a text and email. If the changes cannot be made, you will need to return your car at the originally agreed time.

Via the terminal

On the same terminal you use to start and end your booking, you can use to extend your booking. This can be done in 30-minute increments. At any time during your booking, you can select “extend my booking” and it will give you the option to increase or decrease your booking by 30mins. Once you’re happy with your new return time, you can confirm the changes on the terminal, and you will receive a confirmation text + email.

Via Customer services

Our Customer Service team are available between 8AM-9PM every day (including weekends). If you need to make any changes to your booking during these times feel free to give our customer services team a call or email.

If any changes need to be made out of hours you will need to use the terminal or the website.

If in any case your booking cannot be extended, you must return your car to its parking area/bay.

Any car that is not returned to its parking area/bay at the agreed time will be considered late and be subject to late fee’s (£1 per minute)

This is also something to be mindful of, not only can late returns be very costly, ate returns severely impact following users. And at Ubeeqo we act on behalf of our customer's concerns.