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Do Car Clubs save you money? 


I suppose that's not enough to convince you eh...?

Well... lets begin here. Car clubs offer a membership that provides all the benefits of being able to use a car, without the cost and hassle of owning one. The membership gives you all-day access to a network of cars on a pay-as-you-drive basis and members can save thousands of pounds a year, compared to private car ownership.

So how do they save me money?

Car clubs can save you money in a variety of ways including, a reduction in fuel costs, the avoidance of car ownership costs and the offer of free parking spaces. 

1) No need to pay Congestion Charge

Some Car Clubs will cover the costs of Congestion Charge, therefore meaning that you will not have to pay anything if you decide to go for a drive in a Congestion Charge Zone. Our Car Club is a perfect example of this.

If however, you owned your vehicle, the charges applied in Congestion Zones, would be yet another drawback of ownership and another unacceptable force sucking money out of your bank account.

Considering if you made just 20 car trips in a month, and congestion was charged at £11.50, you'd be paying a whopping £230 each month! So no wonder, the lure of no congestion charges is enough to get people signed-up to Car Clubs.

2) Pay only for what you use 

With a car club you only pay for what you use and if money is tight one month you can simply choose to use the cars less. 

Three quarters of Londoners (76%) say that they do not use their car daily. Nearly one in four drivers (23%) use their car a maximum of once per week, and almost one in twenty (6%) use their wheels just once per month or less. 

With statistics like that, it's easy to see how so much money is being wasted daily, with cars just sitting around on the drive, doing absolutely nothing.

3) Avoid Costs Of Ownership

You can get rid of your car (along with all the costs that add up from owning one) but still have the luxury of being able to drive when you need to.

Calculations have shown that the average annual cost of owning a car is a whopping £2,749 if you are using it for just two trips a week, compared with only £707 a year if you sign up to a Car Club. Along with this, the AA have reported that motor insurance premiums are also still on the rise. 

Two thirds of Londoners pay between £200-500 monthly to insure their car, and 14% spend £500 or more. 

By switching to a Car Club, drivers do not have to pay for road tax, insurance, MOT or parking permits - and most Car Clubs give members a certain amount of free petrol as well, so fuel costs can be reduced.

4) Reduced Fuel Costs

When it comes to refueling, Car Club members are not expected to pay for petrol upfront on their own credit or debit cards. Instead, their Car Club vehicle will come with a "fuel payment card". 

These payment cards are accepted at most petrol pumps and they simply charge the Car Club directly. 

1 in 7 Londoners, spend over £100 each month topping up their fuel, so reduced fuel cards and free fuel are all welcome additions to Car Clubs.

5) Europcar Roadside Assistance comes FREE!

There's also the added benefit of FREE Europcar roadside assistance, so that in the event of a breakdown or crash you can feel safe and comfortable knowing that the A-Team (of roadside assistance) is on their way!

6) Avoid depreciation in the value of your car

Depreciation is the difference between the amount you buy your car for, and the amount you get back when you sell it on or trade it in. Depreciation is often overlooked when buying a car, however it is important to choose a car which depreciates slowly as this will save you more money in the long run and fewer trips to the petrol station. 

A new car loses value as soon as you drive off the forecourt and by the end of the first year will have lost around 40% of its value.

With Car Clubs however, you don't have to give issues such as this any thought, simply because you won't own the car, meaning  you can escape the complication of depreciation in value as your car sits idle in your drive.

7) Cars are cleaned and maintained by us

The cars you drive are cleaned and maintained by the Car Clubs and so you do not need to worry about any of the expenses relating to either cleaning or maintenance. 

If however, you owned a car, cleaning and maintenance issues would have to be covered and sorted out entirely by yourself, but with Car Clubs, you've just gotta book, pay and drive away...

With the average full service automatic car wash costing around £15 - £20, simply washing your car every fortnight, would mean spending over £400 annually.

8) Save £3,500 Each Year!

Car club drivers can typically save around £3,500 a year if they drive fewer than 6,000 miles (according to the Government sponsored charity Carplus) : If you don't need a car all of the time and don't want the expense and hassle of owning one, one of the UK's many car clubs could be the ideal solution. 

9) Free Parking Spaces

Car club vehicles are now also available at several residential developments in cities, where parking spaces are otherwise usually limited and often come at a huge premium. 

Each car has a dedicated parking spot which you can always return it to, and of course it's free of charge :)

This is particularly useful, especially when you consider that for over one third of Londoners, a parking space is not guaranteed, as they're forced to compete with neighbours for a limited number of spaces on their street.

Why choose a Car Club over other ways of getting around?

There are many other ways of getting around, aside from using Car Clubs, however, whether these methods of travel are truly better or worse, is a debatable topic.

Buses & Trains

They do have the advantage of being a cheaper option and the upcoming bus hopper system seems to be promising. However, being forced into crowding with others, dealing with late buses and also delayed trains, are all things which we could all do without.


Taxi's are quite useful, especially when compared to buses & trains, simply due to the comfort they provide. However, they can be a bit of pain, when your having to wait around and hail one for your journey. 

Instead, why not enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you've got a personal car waiting for you, just outside. We do however, also provide MiniCabs and you don't have to hail them either, simply book them through the Ubeeqo App.

Walking Or Cycling

Both good forms of exercise, however, not so great when you arrive at your destination, sweating from head to toe, wishing you'd just clicked THIS link, signed up to our Car Club and booked a Car to get you there :/


Well, these are convenient perhaps when your trying to cross galaxies or visit your Alien Mother-In-Law somewhere in outer space. However, not so useful when your trying to stay on Earth and you're either heading away from the city for a weekend break or even just going to do your weekly shopping.

They also happen to be extremely expensive (who would've known...), with costs of over £180,000 per person on each journey, for a ride in a Virgin Galactic ship... We just hope that includes the return ticket as well.

There are many travel options available, and they all have their pros and cons...buses and trains may be cheaper, but less comfortable and choosing to walk or cycle may be good exercise, but the state you arrive in will be less than ideal. 

Ultimately though, Car Clubs are a great way to save money, due to factors such as no congestion charges, paying only for what you use, avoiding car ownership costs and the chance to save up to £3,500 per year, just to name a few.

So SIGN-UP today and enjoy £35 off your first Car Club booking :)