1 year ago

Halloween special: TOP 5 KILLER CAR FILMS 

1) Christine (1983)

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, the master of horror, then this tense psychological thriller about a sentient and ferocious vintage Plymouth Fury called Christine is all you need this Halloween.   

Spooky fact: The film was shot in the same neighbourhood that John Carpenter used in Halloween!

2) Dead End (2003)

As the name suggests, this mystery/horror about a dysfunctional family who find themselves driving along a never-ending road, won’t leave you jumping for joy. Think ghostly figures and sudden wheel spins…

Spooky fact: For all you Twin Peaks fans out there, Ray Wise, best known for his role as Leland Palmer stars at the flawed patriarch whose questionable driving sets pulses racing.

3) Wild Tales (2014)

Rated 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, this wildly ingenious Spanish thriller is made up of six standalone shorts exploring the extremities of human behaviour. Wait for the nail-biting, jaw-dropping tale of two men who embark on an impromptu car-chase!

Spooky fact: Keep your eyes peeled for the man who never opens his, and the couple reduced to cake decorations…

4) Duel (1971)

This road thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg stars Dennis Weaver, a terrified motorist who is preyed upon by the unseen driver of an beat-up tanker truck along desolate and remote canyon highways.

Spooky fact: The film is based on the writer, Richard Matheson’s own nerve-wracking short story of the same name.

5) The Hitcher (1986)

This American road action horror stars Jennifer Jason Leigh opposite the aptly named hitcher, John Ryder. Having escaped the clutches of death by the murderous Ryder, a young man is subsequently stalked and framed for his crimes.

Spooky fact: C.Thomas Howell (the young man) was reportedly terrified of Rutger Hauer’s intense and horrifying portrayal of John Ryder.