2 years ago

Car ownership in London becoming absurd

The results are in, car ownership in London is becoming financially absurd. Recent research has shown that London is a tough place to own a car. Londoners are paying sky-high insurance rates in addition to initial cost of their car, road tax, maintenance costs and more. All this for car that go underused and sits idle 96% of the time.

Ubeeqo believes the maths simply don't add up for urban car ownership. But it also recognises that Londoners will only relinquish their cars if they believe they can retain the same independence. The Ubeeqo mobility app delivers the independence of car ownership without the burden of the cost.

By joining the exclusive Ubeeqo app, Londoners can access a range of mobility services which they can match to their travel needs for a fraction of the cost.

Matcha - the company's flagship car rental by the hour service means Londoners can pick up a car from one of many conveniently located bays across the Capital. Matcha cars are available from £6 per hour, inclusive of fuel for the first 50 miles of each booking. Londoners can also access longer term rental cars with access to the Europcar fleet via the same app. Ubeeqo will help London drivers free themselves of the financial drain of car ownership with a unique range of urban mobility solutions.

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